Pandoras Box
Last December I was honoured to receive the Pandora Award from Women in Publishing. The Award is given every year to a woman within UK book publishing in recognition of a ‘significant and sustained contribution to the publishing industry’. It goes without saying that it is an award that I am very proud of.

Along with a commemorative certificate the winner is also loaned ‘Pandora’s Box’ for the year of their tenure, which in this case is an antique writing chest. When it was given to me it was empty.

Inside Pandoras Box

If you know the story of Pandora, you will know that when she opened her box she let evil and chaos loose in the world and the only thing left in the box was hope. What I would like to do is to leave something in the box for the next holder of the Pandora Award to celebrate. Perhaps it could be something they could add to during their year of tenure so that future holders of the award could also enjoy.

So I am asking for your help. Please, what should go in Pandora’s Box?