Welcome to this blog

Welcome to this blog

Greetings. This is a blog about publishing, careers and coaching, with a few suggestions and tips. Oh, and I might mention my football team once or twice along the way.  For those of you that don’t know me, on the 8 August 2007 I will be celebrating the start of my 24th year in book publishing. Over the years I’ve worked in many different companies and departments and with some great people, books and authors.  It goes without saying that I have seen a lot of change since 1983. I’ve been giving careers advice since 1989, and have been doing this professionally since 1998. (Note to self, 10 year anniversary next year and 25th year in publishing = excuse for big party).

I turned 40 on 20th January 2007 (you do the maths). It seems all the best things are 40 this year: – two of my favourite publishers, Chronicle Books and Kogan Page; and one of my favourite films, The Jungle Book, were all born in 1967. As part of my 40th birthday celebrations I decided to set myself 40 things to do this year which I have never done in my life (or I have no recollection of doing).  So part of this blog is to keep track of my challenges or for you to suggest something for the list.  The aim of every challenge is to expand my boundaries – personal, cultural, physically, mentally and emotionally and give me a fresh set of life experiences. This challenge was dreamt up whilst I was recovering from major injuries received in what I believed to be a minor car crash (I guess you’ve realised why was not updated much last year).  You realise how fragile your health is and how fragile life is; it makes you want to run, jump and grab every moment and opportunity.  So here goes… 

3 thoughts on “Welcome to this blog

  1. Helena Bergmann

    I have a question for which I would be very grateful for an answer. Does anyone know when Claude Gills bookshop in Oxford Street, London, was closed down and taken over by Dillons/Waterstones? Best, Helena

  2. admin

    Hi Helena
    If you mean the branch at 19-23 Oxford Street it wasn’t closed as such only rebranded, first as Dillons then as Waterstones. I believe it changed hands into the Dillons/Pentos Group some time in 1986-1989 (I seem to recall that Claude Gill was owned by Collins before but I could be wrong). It would have been rebranded into a Waterstones probably in 1995/6. I stand to be corrected on some of the dates though. Best wishes, SEC

  3. Helena Bergmann

    Thankyou very much for your help! I was in the shop in 1993 and can not remcall the owner at the time, which was a pity, since I need to refer to this visit in a book I am writing. It looks like it must have been turned into Dillons at the time. So, great that I found this blog! Best regards, Helena

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