Here are the list of challenges, it may be edited, modified or added to throughout the year

If you want to suggest a challenge please add a comment to this list, but please exclude things that are unattainable without the consent of another person or the use of drugs (so mum that means you can’t add getting engaged/married/pregnant to the list, and RT you can’t add ‘using ecstasy’). And add nice things, please… 2007 is going to be a fab year for all of us.


These can be completed in any order

  1. Run a weblog (no that’s not cheating, although it might be seen as cheating if the list gets too long) DONE
  2. Give something back to the local community IN PROGRESS
  3. Go to the ballet
  4. Go to the opera. It is possible I saw Carmen whilst at school but can’t remember
  5. Visit the V&A
  6. Do the Jack the Ripper walk around London
  7. Go bowling (honest! never done it!)
  8. Go ice skating (ditto)
  9. Go to the races (horses, not dogs)
  10. Visit New York
  11. Visit Paris (no, my dad driving us around the Periphique did not count)
  12. Go to Anfield; the true home of football
  13. Watch an England game DONE
  14. Ride a horse
  15. Try acupuncture
  16. Raise funds for the Encephalitis Society and the BTBS IN PROGRESS go to and 
  17. Support a football league team. IN PROGRESS   (Thank you Dagenham & Redbridge).

  18.   Watch the sunrise over London in a location near to the Millennium Bridge.

  19.   Buy a pair of shoes costing more than £100.