The shocking truth about migraine.

This is a piece about my personal experience of migraine in order to raise awareness for the Migraine Trust. The 18th May 2006 will go on record as the worst day of my life. I woke up and had no feeling in my right-hand side, from my face down to my right leg; I could...

Snow Heroes

Well everyone else is talking about the snow so it only seems right to join in.  I wonder how many of you have been ‘snow heroes’ this week – struggling into the office against the odds? Or have you been working at home? Has your children’s...


Fabulous party last night to celebrate 60 Years of the Society of Young Publishers (SYP),  during the evening, I was referred to as “the google of the publishing world” and nicknamed “googlepub”. I guess that is the 21st century version of...

Andre Deutsch Memories – Podcast

I am going to write some more memories of Andre Deutsch soon.  In the meantime, I’ve made a Podcast of a talk I gave to the Society of Young Publishers (SYP).  Enjoy!


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