As one of my neighbours was sadly tricked into parting money with a bogus builder, the local police wanted to bring forward the introduction of a “no doorstep caller zone” in my street.  To do this they needed to have as many residents answerinq a short survey hopefully agreeing to this.  As the police needed to turn this around in a matter of days, I offered my assistance and delivered the leaflets along with a personal letter from me. 
One of the difficulties we anticipated would be a lack of response –  the last survey the police sent out was only answered by 1 person, aside from myself.  Fortunately, the personal letter seemed to have done the trick and we received about 20 back within 24 hours.  More trickled through within the week.   The police went ahead with the project and hopefully all my neighbours will somehow be more aware and treat all door-to-door callers as suspicious.