fitnesswalkingIf you’re like me, you are trying to keep your fitness even though work-life is very sedentary.  There is nothing that says jump up and down or walk around when you are writing a book or reading books for work.  Not everything you need to read (like your draft manuscript) is in audio book format, and it seems a battle to remain active and healthy.

When participating in exercise classes, I was the person who always went to the left when everyone else went to the right.  I realised the best way to overcome this was to lead the class.

In the 1990s I qualified as an aerobics teacher (YMCA Exercise to Music Stage 1) and as a registered Step Reebok instructor.  I ran my own class at Dagenham and Redbridge FC for a number of months, as well as being sickness cover for other instructors at a local gym.  Then a back injury put paid to my long-term teaching goals.  I’d already had to quit the original plan A, which was to leave book publishing and teach full-time, thanks to a knee injury.  Injuries have been the bane of my life; I seem to go from one thing to another.  However, I always manage to pick up and carry on regardless.

One of the things I was most passionate about when teaching, was encouraging absolute beginners off the couch and into exercise.  I understand that even getting dressed in the baggiest t-shirt you can find, can feel like enough exercise for one day.  Let alone, getting yourself to the point of hiding at the back of a class.  Or how the Instructor says ‘you should be feeling this in your thigh’ when the reality is you have a pain in your big toe instead.

Health-related exercise should be an essential part of everyone’s life.  Aside from the obvious benefits – weight loss, fitness, flexibility, disease prevention etc – it also feels so good.

I have weight to lose; its been a never-ending battle since the bang on the head.  I’m trying lots of different healthy things in this journey and a friend suggested it would be a good idea to blog as I go along. I always find autumn-winter the hardest when it comes to maintaining or losing weight – the nights drawing in, the body wanting to hibernate and too many socials and parties, so blogging could be key in keeping me on track.   I have not been paid to review anything.  Any affiliate links will be marked *.