It is time for my latest Frankenstein injection: the injection that lets me participate in some sort of normal life. I nicknamed them Frankenstein injections because

1. They inject the back of my head.
2. It is a bit like getting a powerpack or upgrade. Once it has settled in, it feels like I’m on jet-powered rockets running around trying to do everything I can before going on a slow decline until my next injection. The week before my next injection I’m giving out short sporadic bursts of energy coupled with long periods of rest.

3. I cannot function without them.

The injection is actually called a Greater Occipital Nerve Block and this is what it feels like:

10 mins finding the bit in my head that hurts the most followed by
10 mins injecting the bit in my head that hurts the most followed by
10 mins of the Doctor massaging the injection in the bit in my head that hurts the most!

Okay, I admit it isn’t as long as a 30 minute proceedure (It lasts about 3 minutes) but at times it certainly feels like that.

If you suffer from chronic migraine and want to see more about this treatment, I found a video on You Tube (although it isn’t from my clinic – I get treated by the good old reliable NHS). The latest injections may contain Botox, although mine is made from a mixture of Steriod and Anaesethic. I managed to qualify for this treatment by keeping a detailed migraine diary, showing the severity the attacks and symptoms. For more information about the different types of migraine, treatments available and a migraine diary visit the website of the Migraine Trust.
As a sufferer of Basilar Type Migraine and Fibromyalgia (although I’m in denial about the Fibromyalgia bit) this treatment has helped me return to an almost normal life. Maybe it can do the same for you?