I offer in-depth help with work-related stress, where you can talk through particular incidents, emails, letters, projects, scenarios, all in complete confidence, and together we look at possible resolutions and at how you can build in some stress-defences.

Currently, the legal situation on work-related stress is that if you tell your employer then they are liable for it. If you are diagnosed and don’t tell your employer then they cannot be held liable for your stress. You should take proper legal advice before deciding on your course of action.
This service supports you whatever personal decision you take.

Whatever the cause of your work-related stress (or if you simply want to reclaim your work-life balance), then help is at hand.
I can help you with careers-based counselling through the issues that seem to be the root cause of the stress.
We can discuss in detail the frustrations that you are finding in your daily life, look at the possible solutions and outcomes and then work together through this frustrating period in your life.
We can look at it all – we can discuss the needs and wants of the business, the demands of your role within the company, and your own personal pressures of wanting to do a good job.
If you’d like to have a preliminary chat about your situation please contact me in complete confidence.