Interview Coaching

Always going to interviews and never getting the job?

Finishing ‘second’ but never finding out the true reason why?

Do you have an item of baggage on your CV that you need to explain away at an interview?

Take an interview coaching session and all will be revealed…

It is a popular theory that people who are good at their jobs are sometimes terrible at interviews. This is assumed because usually they have been fortunate enough to progress their career with one company. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people who are bad at their jobs come out well at interviews either. But good or bad, let the decision to employ you rest on your skills and experience – don’t let your lack of interview practice hold you back.

Suzanne offers an interview coaching package. This involves a face to face consultation, the first part of which will be a ‘mock interview’, where you are filmed in an interview scenario and the second will be the playback start of a coaching process to enable you to succeed at achieving the job you deserve. You’ll then be given a DVD of your performance if you wish. If you choose a follow up option, the coaching process will continue over two telephone sessions, usually about 25 minutes in length.

This is purely interview practice so if you need help with your CV or application, you’ll need to book for some Career Development too. Interview Coaching is very useful for those who have had ‘issues’ in the workplace.

This coaching is not to teach you to lie about your experience or career history; it is aimed expressly to help people with the best skills and experience get themselves the best job. If you’d like to book an inteview coaching session please contact us.