Candidate Panel

Welcome to your candidate control panel. This is where you’ll complete your online resumé, so you can apply online for jobs or be found by employers searching for your skills.  You can also manage your applications and bookmarked jobs here. See our resumé tips below and happy hunting!


How to fill out your resumé

It’s all about core competencies

Your resumé is the first thing a recruiter will see, long before they decide whether to read your uploaded CV or not. So let’s make it work. Use the core competencies field to attract recruiters by listing your four top skills as keywords. If your core competency is accounting, but you’re also skilled at sales, then enter: accounting, sales. Recruiters will search for suitable candidates based only on these competencies — the rest of your information will come up only after they click on your profile, so if you want to be found, list smart!

Why do we do it this way?

Let’s say you’re a sales rep and you’ve always specialised in sales. But in your description you use the phrase “… often present at editorial meetings”. If we allow employers to search the whole of your content, you’d come up in a search for “editorial” but you wouldn’t be an appropriate candidate. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to be found by the relevant recruiter for the relevant skills.